Contractor Required

Contractor is required for occasional work to clean up residential/commercial lots or other sites in the Town of Marshall, SK.

Contractor would supply a truck/trailer capable of hauling miscellaneous articles including, but not limited to wooden, metal, yard waste, grass, leaves, tree branches and other articles deemed to be untidy or unsightly.

Contractor would also supply all personnel and tools (ie. rakes, shovels, mowers, etc) to complete any or all cleanup.

Any articles that are removed from any site would have to be disposed of at the appropriate waste management site and would not be deemed to be salvaged.

Any application from any contractor/person should state the cost/rates of any work done to completion.

The successful contractor would receive clear instructions as to what work would be required.

For more information, please call the Town Office in Marshall and ask for Ron Klassen, Bylaw Enforcement Officer for the Town of Marshall.

All calls/inquiries will be answered and kept confidential.