Update - Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory Rescinded

Please be advised that the Water Security Agency (WSA) is rescinding the Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory issued February 19, 2019 for the Town of Marshall affecting all users, and is effective immediately.

Samples have been collected and returned with no positive bacteria found in the samples submitted and all other proper measures have been taken to put the water system back into service.

We believe no potential health risk currently exists for the users of the drinking water distribution system in the Town of Marshall, and the advisory previously issued is hereby removed.


After talking with the Conservation Officer, he was unable to locate the coyote. However, he did notice coyote tracks which were seen to be heading north across the highway. He did leave a few tips for residents to follow...
- do not leave any food or garbage outside.
- feed your animals inside.
- keep any animals inside your home or tied up in your yard. If tied up outside, please do not leave unattended.
- if the coyote is seen, please do not approach. Call the office @ 306-387-6340 and report the location.