Installation of Decking, Cross Beams, Ladder, Structure and a Pump Mount at East Lift Station.

  • Must install a galvanized steel or fibreglass 13’ ladder.

  • Must install a galvanized steel or fibreglass 6’ platform with hatches.

  • Must install carry beams - coded

  • Bid must include costs for all labour, installation and material.

  • Successful bidder must supply gas detector and an air mask with continuous air supply.

  • Successful bidder must adhere to all applicable OH&S regulations.

Submit tenders, in a seal envelope, by Friday, September 21, 2018 to:

Town of Marshall
Box 125
17 Main Street
Marshall SK S0M 1R0
Telephone: 306-387-6340

Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.

Recycling Changes

Please be advised, there are some changes to the recycling program due to the disruption in worldwide recycling markets.  A flyer, explaining what is and is not acceptable, was set out with all Utility Bills.  If residents do not adhere to these changes, and choose to continue to recycle those items that are no longer acceptable, the Town may have to look at alternative solutions.