Water & Sewer

 Septic System Maintenance and Operations 

Water Works Rate Policy 2015

The following information is being made available as required under The Municipalities Regulations.

2014 Waterworks Financial Overview:

Total Waterworks Revenue (R)                  $186,490
Total Waterworks Expenditures (E)            $181,722
Total debt payments on waterworks           $0

 For 2014, Waterworks Revenue covered 100% of the Waterworks Expenditures.

The following additional information is available at the Municipal Office on the Waterworks.

·         The 2014 Waterworks Rate Policy and Capital Investment Strategy
·         Capital plans in place and related sources of funding for the projects
·         2014 financial overview of the Waterworks
·         Waterworks reserves
·         A copy of the 2011 Waterworks System Assessment